Temple Committees

All members are encouraged to participate in one or more of the volunteer opportunities available at the Temple. Ohav Shalom will thrive and grow with the commitment of every Temple member “pitching in.


Social Media, Facebook, eMail…sometimes it seems the more connected we are the more disconnected we feel! The Temple Communications Committee has a goal of improving the way we, as a Temple community, reach out to our members and to each other. We are working hard to improve our processes for contacting our members and informing them about events and news. Additionally, we strive to provide greater opportunities for social interaction, from social gatherings and Parents Nights Out, to community programs at the Temple. If interested in taking part in the planning, please contact the Temple!

Spiritual Enrichment

Worship and a connection to God, Torah and our spiritual heritage are the driving forces for the members of this committee. They are available to the congregation as ushers during worship services as well as to the rabbi as he orchestrates the myriad details of holiday, festival and Shabbat worship. Issues discussed at their meetings range from practical to intellectual.

Lifelong Learning

The mission of this committee reads: By strengthening faith in God, love of Torah, and identification with Israel and the Jewish people, we shall build our community of life-long learners who possess the skills, information and values that give meaning and joy to a fulfilling Jewish life. With the guidance of the Lifelong Learning Coordinator, the committee members develop programs and monitor the progress of the children in the religious and Hebrew school classes.

Social Action

At the core of Jewish existence is the commitment to tikun olam – the repair of the world. This committee takes every opportunity to organize projects and programs in which the congregation can participate. The High Holy Day Food and Coat Drive, an annual Mitzvah Day, blood drives, and many other programs are a result of their efforts.


These committee members invite the new Jewish families who move into our area to visit and join our temple. They also identify families who may not be currently affiliated with a synagogue and encourage them to explore that possibility with us. With their efforts, we are growing and becoming more and more visible in the Pittsburgh region.


Efforts to raise money beyond what our dues structure can provide are vital. This committee organizes events and programs that provide much needed resources for our operating budget.


Responsible fiscal policies and decisions guarantee the best use of our resources. These committee members operate under the guidance of the temple treasurer.


It is imperative that we maintain the beauty and functionality of our building and grounds. Often, these members serve in a hands-on capacity as well as researching and making arrangements with outside contractors.


To keep our programming varied and successful, and to meet our growing needs, we need everyone to play a role. Every contribution is welcome and encouraged. Participation in worship and Temple activities is an excellent start. Programming involving the facility, the community, spirituality and Jewish learning provide many areas for participation. Members are urged to join a committee, help with a specific event, sponsor an Oneg, or create a project of their own that others can share in. We strongly encourage our members to be involved in the life of the Congregation.

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