Fund Raising and Donations

There are many ways to give to the temple. You can make an outright donation; give of your time; or give to various funds as a way of honoring, memorializing or congratulating friends and family. The temple budget is greatly enhanced by these gifts.

These descriptions of the various funds will help you decide how to contribute. Thank you for your generosity.  Click here to donate!

  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund Allows the Rabbi to fund tzedakah and hesed projects at his discretion that might not be feasible without additional funds.
  • Building Fund: Provides funding without tapping the operating budget for unforeseen maintenance issues, such as repairs.
  • Education / Lifelong Learning Fund: Provides the “extras” so our educational program can reach beyond what is covered in the budget.
  • Temple Beautification Fund: Covers the cost of beautifying the Temple.
  • Music Fund: Supports the purchase of materials for our cantorial program.
  • College Connection Fund: When our children go to post-secondary learning, we use this fund to keep a connection between the temple and their new life.
  • Preschool Fund: Supports the efforts of our full-time, multifaceted preschool program.
  • Prayer Book Fund: (Shabbat, Festival, High Holy Day & Week day) allows us to purchase new books or replace worn ones.
  • Humash Fund: Provides for new Torah Commentaries.
  • Noah Mass Family Medical Fund: Provides support for temple families who have emergency medical needs.

Also available

  • Simkha Leaf: Buy a leaf to put on the tree to celebrate a happy occasion.
  • Memorial Plaque: Buy a plaque to memorialize a loved one.


Giant Eagle Gift Cards

As an ongoing temple fund raiser, we sell Giant Eagle grocery gift cards directly from Temple Ohav Shalom. You use your Gift Card for all grocery store purchases TOS receives 5% of every Gift Card sold! And of course, you earn FuelPerks points for using them at local Giant Eagle stores.  

For more information or get set up please contact Jackie Leicht  by phone 412-369-0900 x. 11 or email:

Buy from Amazon ~ Help the Temple

Here is an opportunity to contribute money to TOS, in a sense, without spending any of your own money!  Amazon will donate to TOS  four percent or more of the cost of your purchase, provided that you access Amazon from the link on this web site.

Please consider going to Amazon from this web site.  What an easy way to help while doing something you were going to do anyway!   Just use this Amazon link.

And tell your friends and relatives.  If they come here to get to Amazon, they are making a contribution to TOS at no cost to them.

Verizon Wireless and FIOS

The Temple will earn $20 for every wireless activation, wireless renewal, or FIOS activation.  Present this coupon at one of 14 locations.  Click here to print coupon.



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