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Rabbi Katz’ Column – April 7

“Mitzvah goreret Mitzvah.” (Avot 4.2) One mitzvah brings on another mitzvah. And that is how it was on Mitzvah Day here at Temple Ohav Shalom on Sunday. Writing letters to soldiers in the U.S. armed services and in Israel, making blankets for animals in shelters, buying baked goods with the proceeds going to a shelter [...]

Jewish Chronicle Highlights TOS and Rabbi Milkow

Jewish Chronicle Highlights TOS and Rabbi Milkow

See the BIG NEWS on the front page of this week’s Jewish Chronicle.

Welcome to BoardBlog!

As Executive VP of Member Services at TOS, one of the things I hear most often (other than the complaint that the wireless network is down yet again) is that the Temple membership wants more insight into the actions and decisions of our Board of Directors. Well, today begins a major step forward in that area. Welcome to BoardBlog.

Rabbi Katz’ Column – March 17th

I knew exactly what the mother of one of our Religious School students meant when she said, “All I want is that my son should be a proud Jew.” What she was saying was that she wanted her son to grow up with a strong identity, with high self-esteem and with a positive attitude about [...]

TOS Celebrates Purim!

This was such an incredibly festive weekend for Temple Ohav Shalom! From the teens’ Shul-in, to the Great Debate, to today’s Purim Carnival, there was more fun than you could shake a hamentaschen at! If you’d like to see pictures from the weekend’s festivities, make sure to “like” the Temple’s Facebook page, at!.   [...]

Rabbi Katz’ Column – March 10

Rabbi’s Message March 11, 2014 This month the Jewish world celebrates Purim, the only holiday, say the Rabbis, which will still exist after the messiah comes and all religions combine into one. Why in heaven, the Rabbis would think that Purim would remain after all the other holidays vanish into a new universalistic state of [...]

Rabbi Katz’ Column – March 3rd

Purim is Pure Fun! Passover is a time to learn about all the rituals that teach about the exodus in Egypt. There is so much to learn that the week before the holiday was one of the only two times in the year that Rabbis gave a major sermon… so the people could learn how [...]

Rabbi Katz Column – Feb 24

Rabbi’s Message for Feb. 24, 2014 On Gossip On Tuesday, February 25th from 6:00-7:00 p.m. and Sunday, March 2 from 10:30-11:30 a.m. in Room 206 I’ll be teaching a short course on gossip. Not how to gossip mind you, but how to avoid and stop gossip. In our tradition books have been written on the [...]

Rabbi Katz’ Column – Feb 17th

Praying for John Kerry’s Success Realism and Idealism in the Mideast John Kerry is attempting to forge an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. Let us hope that he succeeds. We must maintain hope that reason will prevail in the Mideast… that what we want for our children is the same thing Palestinian parents want [...]

Rabbi Katz’ Column

Change in direction! Instead of an Intro to Judaism course, I am offering a two part course on gossip. In our tradition there have been whole books written on gossip and slander and in fact, there is a lot to learn. When your friend begins a conversation with the words: “I like her but…” what [...]