Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle highlights changes at TOS

This week’s Jewish Chronicle included an article about all the latest happenings at TOS. Check it out here.

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TOS High Holiday Schedule

Click here for a listing of all TOS events happening during the Days of Awe.

BoardBlog, May 2014

May marked the final Board Meeting for our current president Ken Eisner. Read on to learn more.

Are there Jews on Mars?

Are there Jews on Mars?

Well, not yet, but there could be in a decade or so, if Temple Member Todd Hertzberg gets his way.

The AJL’s Holiday Idea Guide:

. Every country has a few days throughout the year when the country celebrate its national identity. Each has a unique and different way to commemorate their heroes and honor those who dedicated their lives to make the dream a reality. The Agency for Jewish Learning offers the National Holidays Idea Guide as a tool to help families and schools share Israeli traditions and stories and in that way connect with the Homeland.